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Facts and Tips for Healing Diastasis Recti, Part 2

Now that we’ve looked at the cause of diastasis recti (DR), let’s look at how we can begin to heal DR and improve the function of your abdomen. (Please read the previous blog post for a detailed understanding of DR).

Since the main cause of DR is sustained pressure on the abdominal wall, you will want to look at your daily movements and breathing patterns, and change the balance between movements and activities that put pressure on the abdominal wall and the pelvic floor, and those that don’t.


Your alignment or posture might be causing excessive intra-abdominal pressure. A common postpartum posture is jutting the pelvis forward and collapsing into the joints. See the graphic to the right.

When you move your weight back to your heels and stand tall with minimal effort, you will fire the posture muscles of your pelvic floor and your core without the need to consciously contract anything.

Read the full post on the Lamaze blog.

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