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Do you hide your body under loose clothing so you won’t look pregnant?
Do you squash a belly laugh for fear of leaking?

I feel your pain.

Imagine not being afraid to jump on a trampoline with your kids.
Imagine putting on that dress and LOVING what you see in the mirror.

You too can experience this transformation.

Improving Core Function

A holistic 3-month online exercise program for healing Diastasis Recti and strengthening your core with progressive, functional exercise, alignment, corrective breathing and mindfulness

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This program will help you:

  • Improve your core strength and function through carefully chosen progressive exercises and movement.

  • Strengthen your core so you can live a more active and joyful life – doing what you love doing.

  • Reduce back pain with alignment principles and a stronger core.

  • Learn tools to strengthen your pelvic floor to stop leaking.

  • Use mindfulness tools to let go of beliefs and habits in your mind and body that are not serving you.

Look at what you’ll learn in Improving Core Function:

1. You will learn basic fundamentals like correct alignment in everyday activities to support your healing journey.

And guess what? Are you ready for the good news? Correct alignment comes about through stability and EASE!!!!!

We get there by letting go, not by tensing and stressing! This radical concept will also help relieve chronic back pain. The basic yoga principle – ‘Stability and ease in the posture’ guides all movement in the program. Only focusing on strength can lead to tension and tightness, while only focusing on flexibility can lead to instability.

The carefully chosen exercises and movements balance these two principles to lead to steadiness without rigidity and flexibility without instability, while increasing your core strength and teaching you functional movement.

2. You will understand how your breathing pattern might be contributing to your diastasis recti and other body imbalances and learn to breathe the way nature intended.

3. You will learn how to effectively and efficiently use your pelvic floor muscles to support whatever activity you are undertaking. You may have taken a Pilates class where the teacher said something to the effect:
“Lift up your pelvic floor” and you had absolutely no idea what she meant.Taking into account different styles of learning and different levels of body awareness, you will learn how to effectively activate your pelvic floor muscles which are an integral part of your core.

4. You will learn mindfulness tools to help support your healing journey.
When you notice that you have reverted to your unhelpful body behavior, you will be able to do so with acceptance and compassion, rather than judgment, so that you can simply begin again where you are, in each moment.

5. You will learn an innovative, original technique for activating all the core muscles, in unison, both consciously and reflexively, to support you in any exercise you are doing.

6. You will learn how to determine if any exercise you are attempting is too difficult for you, so that you can increase your strength gradually, safely and with confidence.

7. Bonus material will help you maintain optimal alignment and activate your core effectively for daily activities like babywearing, stroller walking, climbing stairs, running, driving, etc.

The Exercise Program:

This 3-month program involves exercises and movement, with modifications for your individual fitness level, to do in your own home and at your own pace.

One month is spent on each module, and if you want to stay on one of the modules for longer than one month, you’re in charge!!!
You get to set the pace of your progression.

This program is designed to safely and progressively get you to your long-term goals with carefully chosen exercises that reinforce the alignment, breathing, core activation and mindfulness principles learned in the fundamentals. Each session is approximately 30 minutes.

You’ll be guided by videos to follow in your own home, at your own pace, to improve your core strength and heal your diastasis recti.

By the end of this transformative 12-week course, you will feel a dramatic increase in your core strength, you will notice a marked improvement in your diastasis and you will have basic tools that you can use for optimal core function, whatever the activity.


  • 750nis (approx. $207)
Gain the strength and confidence you need to lead an active, joyful life.
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